Halton Borough Council Digital Signage System

Library Information Digital Display Screens

Technical Display have recently supplied and installed 10 off Samsung DXN LCD Screens, with built in digital signage system, MagicInfo Pro, for the display of information to public and Council staff.

The screens were integrated within three of the Councils main libraries, and two of the Halton Direct Links buildings.

Each of the LCD Screens is connected to the Councils computer network, enabling the Council to distribute information instantly to the large screen displays at anytime.

The Council can choose to display their chosen source of information on any of the 10 displays, or have a mixture of information showing on any individual screen.

The MagicInfo Pro software allows different media to be displayed, for example, Microsoft powerpoint, movie files, pictures, internet and television.

The Council IT Department looked into numerous different digital signage systems, but chose the Samsung screens because they were the only ones that were compatible with the Councils network due to their 40GB HDD and the fact they can be customised with particular firewalls and anti-virus software.

They were also chosen for their ease of use, reliability and the fact they can run 24/7.

Technical Display won this project due to our long standing relationship with the Council, and the after sales service and maintenance we provide.