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Your Questions Answered

Can ProtecKam connect to my existing access control system?

Yes, in most cases we can integrate your existing access control, making entry and exit contactless (subject to survey and compatibility).

Can ProtecKam operate as a time management system?

Yes, the powerful ProtecKam software incorporates time management features, and can be easily setup to provide this. Details include: Photograph, Name, Time in/out, Date etc. (subject to survey). Reports can easily be exported using an Excel file.

Can ProtecKam decline people from entering restricted areas of the building?

Yes, ProtecKam has many additional features, including being able to set it up so that it will only allow access to pre-selected people. This feature is particularly good if you have sensitive areas of the building that are only accessible to individual people. It even has a Blacklist feature, so that you can set it to stop specific people from gaining access. For example, if you have had to let someone go from their position, then they will be stopped from entering the building.

 Is ProtecKam easy to operate?

Yes, absolutely. ProtecKam has a user-friendly interface that makes setting up a piece of cake.

Do I need a professional to install ProtecKam?

ProtecKam can be easily self-installed if purchased as a standalone system. However, if you require ProtecKam to be integrated or a full a barrier control system installing, we can help with that. We have a team of professional installers who will carry out the installation to the highest standards.

Is ProtecKam CE Approved?

Yes, ProtecKam is fully certified and CE approved.

 Is ProtecKam totally contactless?

Yes, ProtecKam operates without the need for the user to touch or make contact with it.

If I order ProtecKam now, how long will it take to arrive?

We aim to have your ProtecKam with you within 2 weeks from the date of order. Although due to the increase in demand of ProtecKam at the moment, it could possibly increase to 3 weeks.

Is ProtecKam a medical device?

ProtecKam is not categorised as medical device and so only requires CE certification, which it has. ProtecKam is designed for mass screening for individuals, and where a user shows abnormal temperature readings, ProtecKam will advise them to seek immediate medical advice and medical temperature check.

Will you be able to help me set ProtecKam up once we receive it?

Yes, we will provide you with 1 hour of free support to walk you through a video call where we can explain how you configure and set up your new ProtecKam. If we are installing ProtecKam for you, our technicians will give an hours overview training once the installation is completed.

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