Chelmsford County Council Up-Grade their facilities

Technical Display Systems are currently supplying and installing conference and AV presentation systems for Chelmsford City Council.

The Council have completely gutted the Chamber of the previous ornate and panelled design in favour of a more modern look, to include re-configurable desking. The architects involved, however, want the AV equipment to be as inconspicuous as possible.

To this end, we are supplying 2 projectors fitted to motorised hoists that retract flush to the new plastered ceilings. These are focussed onto motorised projection screens that are concealed when not in use within the ceiling void either side of the Mayoral desks. These seating positions view a presentation by means of PC monitors positioned on each desk.

Two repeater 60″ monitors are mounted on motorised brackets flat on each side of the Chamber and automatically swivel outwards towards the public gallery as required. Monitors installed in the reception area can also view the information from the Chamber.

We are providing a 75 delegate Bosch wireless conference system, along with 3 cameras that can zoom in and focus onto whoever is speaking at the time. Chelmsford also will incorporate webcast facilities at a later date.

They also are having control of dimmable lighting and black out blinds, so we are supplying a more powerful AMX remote control system to include 2 touch panel controllers.

Kirklees Council, Huddersfield Town Hall

Technical Diaplsy worked together with Kirklees Council, their Architect’s Aedas building Consultancy, and main Contractor Strategic Team Group, to provide Audio Visual presentation facilities for the 3 beautifully, refurbished Ground Floor meeting rooms.

In the 2nd phase of the refurbishment of key areas in the historic town hall, we were again asked to provide Audio Visual facilities for the large, 1st Floor Reception Room.

As with the Ground Floor rooms, the state of the art facility had to have a seamless integration with original room décor and features.

The room had to have flexible presentation facilities to accommodate varied uses. A large projection screen was needed, plus PA audio and audio mixing for live music concerts.

Technical Display designed a wooden pelmet for the screen and projector enclosure to compliment room detail and features.

A matching bespoke equipment credenza and mobile lectern give presenters full control of their presentations via an AMX control panel.

The lectern has an umbilical cord and is able to plug in at three points in the room to suit different room scenarios.

Kirklees Council is outreaching to the public and the tasteful refurbishment of these areas is for the benefit of all the local community. There is an increasing healthy demand to book the rooms.

Halton Borough Council Digital Signage System

Library Information Digital Display Screens

Technical Display have recently supplied and installed 10 off Samsung DXN LCD Screens, with built in digital signage system, MagicInfo Pro, for the display of information to public and Council staff.

The screens were integrated within three of the Councils main libraries, and two of the Halton Direct Links buildings.

Each of the LCD Screens is connected to the Councils computer network, enabling the Council to distribute information instantly to the large screen displays at anytime.

The Council can choose to display their chosen source of information on any of the 10 displays, or have a mixture of information showing on any individual screen.

The MagicInfo Pro software allows different media to be displayed, for example, Microsoft powerpoint, movie files, pictures, internet and television.

The Council IT Department looked into numerous different digital signage systems, but chose the Samsung screens because they were the only ones that were compatible with the Councils network due to their 40GB HDD and the fact they can be customised with particular firewalls and anti-virus software.

They were also chosen for their ease of use, reliability and the fact they can run 24/7.

Technical Display won this project due to our long standing relationship with the Council, and the after sales service and maintenance we provide.