The Lights Go On in Local Schools

Warrington schools have the latest AV presentation and stage lighting systems installed in their Assembly Halls.

Appleton Thorn Primary School and Thelwall Junior now have high quality, versatile, Audio Visual presentation systems in their main Assembly Halls. Large format projection screens and high quality projectors provide stunning pictures from either computer or DVD sources.

Appleton Thorn Primary School has gone one stage further by installing a programmable stage lighting system. All designed and fitted by Technical Display.

Technical display graduate with honours

Following a summer of refurbishment for The University of Leeds by Technical Display, we have completed the refurbishment of 42 rooms within a six week period, ready for the return of students in September.

The investment in technology by The University of Leeds has seen a vast improvement in interactive learning tools available to students and lecturers to enhance the learning experience for the coming semester.

Technical Display won the contract to fit out 42 rooms that were a mixture of Lecture Theaters, Training and presentation classrooms. Each of the rooms has a simple to use, room control unit, for the selection and control of the equipment, large screen data & video projection, high quality audio support, infrared hard of hearing radiator, with all of the equipment being housed within a secure, lockable racking system.