Interactive Technologies for Your Restaurant, Made Uniquely Yours!

Interactive tables that are designed uniquely for your restaurant to cut costs, increase profits, improve work efficiency, modernize, and entertain. Whether you’re a small café, dessert shop, or large chain bar & grill. We’ve got you covered!

Smart Table
Smart Table POS System

A stylish smart table for booths or any location where rectangular tables are required. Seats up to four.

Menus are displayed for each person on four separate windows. Each user can order without the need to wait for others to order.

The tables can be loaded with games and other types of entertainment to provide an additional stream of income, whether that be through a one-time fee or per play.

All orders and sales information can be saved for future reporting and analytical needs.

Smart Table
Smart Table
  • Reduce wait staff costs by up to 50%.
  • Keep track of every order, view daily progress and other statistics. Restaurant performance can be viewed over time and provide insight on which items are the most profitable!
  • All orders are tracked and sequenced in a queue. Lost and wrong orders will be a thing of the past.
  • Our systems are designed to increase work efficiency. We achieve this by automating everything in the front-end of the restaurant. Waitstaff no longer need to take orders from customers and can focus on providing a better customer experience.
  • Multiple forms of payment can be made from the interactive tables and tablets. Such as credit, debit, and PayPal.
  • Games and other forms of entertainment can be added as a one-time fee or per play basis. This introduces an additional revenue stream for your business.
  • Sanitising menus will no longer be required. Spray the table with a cleaning agent, wipe, and you’re all set. No more dirty/destroyed menus.

Smart Tablet

A smart tablet for corner tables and bars where a traditional table is not required.

Multiple tablets can communicate with one table and can be easily assigned to other tables as required. This reduces the overall ordering time as each user has their own tablet.

All orders and sales information can be saved for future reporting and analytical needs.


Manage all orders from one device as all devices are synced. Staff can easily see which orders are in progress, changed, paid and completed. Updates to menu items will instantly update all tables and tablets. Bills are calculated automatically and can be split or grouped together.

Managers can view sales live, and other important reports such as lead time from kitchen to customer. This powerful tablet acts as a point-of-sale, live order map, menu manager, sales stats viewer, content manager, payment manager, apps/entertainment manager and much more!