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Multi Person Recognition with ProtecKam

ProtecKam - Body temperature screening

Multi person rapid temperature monitoring will become the norm now due to the outbreak of COVID-19. All places with higher footfall will need to be able to monitor people quickly and effectively.

Our Multi person recognition ProtecKam can monitor 20 people every 0.3 seconds and will provide an accurate body temperature of every person that it has scanned.

High definition images of both the thermal and normal video are displayed side by side on the PC screen, and an alarm is triggered when a specific temperature is detected.

It can be used as a standalone or multi-site system, where all information will be reported back in real time to a central location.

The powerful software also enables it to operate as an Access control entry solution, where it will refuse access to anyone who has a temperature.

Our Multi person solution is more suited to the higher footfall environments including:

  • Airports
  • Railway stations
  • Bus stations
  • Shopping centres
  • Theme parks
  • Holiday parks
  • Universities
  • Ports
  • Ferries
  • Cruise liners

Our system is versatile and easy to use

The ProtecKam system provides a way to temperature check every individual entering your work environment accurately.

Smart facial recognition allows people to check in and check out without the need for ID badges, manual registration or fingerprint scanning. 

An accurate body temperature measurement is acquired while identifying the person’s name. The system processes the result and issues an alarm if it detects a temperature above 37.3 degrees

All entry logs and employee information are stored internally on the ProtecKam, including photograph, date, time etc.

Alternatively you can plug it in to a PC via USB and the ProtecKam software will enable you to store and manage your access data from your computer.

You will be able to access the data from your PC at any time by exporting a log of the information that you require.

Proteckam provides a more efficient and safer way of managing people entering and exiting organisations to protecting those around you. 

Get in touch to find out which is the best solution for your company and environment, how to integrate our products with your current systems or to see how our systems can be adapted to suit your workspace.

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