The Brief

It was decided to refurbish the early 1960’s Council Chamber to provide a modern functional meeting facility. The work was to be completed within a six week period with adjacent committee rooms were to be refurbished at the same time. The Key issues of the design brief were to accommodate 78 Council Members and Officers with discussion and voting with consideration for the hard of hearing, integrated AV equipment, all furnished, decorated and carpeted to a high standard.


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Our Approach

The Chamber was completely refurbished with new bespoke benches made with light oak veneer and  hide seating.

The view across Chamber showing large fixed projection screen on the far wall. Two of these 2m x 1.5m screens are in place on opposite walls, to provide a display for all members in the Chamber and people in the Public Gallery. Additionally we located a Plasma screen  on the gallery to give an additional display.

Each Council Member has a discussion and voting unit incorporating an integrated microphone, speaker and Yes/No/Abstain voting system, all recessed neatly into the benches.

The complete project consisted of:

  • 78 Council Members and Officers should be accommodated.
  • Furnishings, décor, carpet & lighting design to provide a bright fresh environment.
  • Each Council Member to have an individual discussion & voting system with microphone, speaker and voting facility (Yes/No/Abstain).
  • 2 x Chairman’s units to have additional priority and override functions.
  • An Induction Loop for the hard of hearing was required.
  • A suitable large visual display to provide clear and legible views from all Councillor, Officer and executive seating positions, plus the Public Gallery.
  • Preview monitors for the Chairman, Ass Chairman and Committee Officer.
  • Additional Audio Visual presentation capabilities from DVD, VCR or computer based systems to be integrated.
  • A facility for ‘visitor’ presentations from laptops and Wireless PA microphones.
  • The equipment should be easy to operate from a central control panel.
  • Optional facility to record meetings to be available.




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The Result

The old Council Chamber and adjacent Committee Rooms was totally revamped in to a state of the art environment, where councilors had the very latest AV equipment and a flexible environment that will suit their activities for many years to come.

The Council were extremely pleased with the results and the success of the project led to us completing more work within the council and with the Lead Architect.


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