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The Brief

Following a successful installation of a four monitor video wall at the GE Skelmersdale site, J. Tomlinson Limited approached Technical Display Ltd to assist in the design of Audio Visual systems for the refurbishment programme of the GE Groby Leicestershire site.

The project had two distinct areas that needed Audio Visual presentation facilities and both had the need for flexible solutions to utilise the space available.

The main boardroom area needed to be capable of dividing in to two separate meeting rooms but also have the ability of providing a single large meeting space.

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Our Approach

To facilitate this it was suggested that a large (70”) wall mounted full HD LED monitor be installed at each end of the room with inputs from the table locations for users to present from.

However when the room was opened up to form a single presentation area the screens were not able to provide a large enough image for all attendees to see what was being presented.

To overcome this Technical Display Systems suggested a larger ceiling mounted screen be installed and fed from a Full HD ceiling mounted projector.  The electrically operated screen was flush mounted in to the suspended ceiling to provide a more aesthetic finish when not in use. The screen also had tab tensioning to ensure it provided a flat surface to project on to.

The audio system was able to provide independent presentation in the split mode but provided a single system when the room was joined.

To facilitate audio for the hard of hearing ceiling mounted microphones were fed to an infra-red emitter and in conjunction with either stethoset headphones or neck worn receivers the full range of audio could be made available.

In the first floor presentation area a similar approach was employed but due to restrictions imposed by the buildings construction a different approach had to be used.

Given the flexible use the floor space was to be used for it was not possible to install floor input points so a wireless connectivity solution was suggested.  The positioning of displays was also an issue due to the multi-functional operation of the room(s).

To provide the best flexible option Technical Display Systems suggested a solution that used two 75” full HD displays mounted on motorised height adjustable stands that were both mobile and self-contained presentation units.

Both base units were custom manufactured to match the wood finishes of the building giving an integrated finish as a final result.  The two units could be used anywhere in the space but when a single meeting was being held they could be joined to present the same content provided wirelessly via the Barco ClickShare system.

The audio system provided sound via ceiling mounted speakers and provision of sound for the hard of hearing was achieved using the same system as in the boardroom.

A total of seven other office spaces required Full HD screens for presentation ranging from 42 – 65” and these we serviced by local wired input points.

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The Result

Technical Display worked very closely with the Client, Architect and Main contractor throughout the project.

The completed system was handed over to the client within the designated timescale, Including full user training and easy to follow user notes. Each of the installed systems are used on a daily basis, and provide the client with simple to operate, state of the art facilities for meetings, staff training and client presentations.